Do it differently

At Danfoss Drives, we focus on AC drives. It’s what we do best, and it helps you to focus on what you do best.

To ensure you engineer the best possible AC-drive solutions without compromises, and find the optimum outcome for your challenges, we give you the freedom to optimize your systems, the power to equip your drives and the choice to collaborate with your drives partner differently.

You decide the best equipment for your application, we’ll make sure the AC drive fits that choice and support you every step along the way.

Optimize differently


You know your application and goals best. We give you the freedom to select the AC drive with the best features to find the optimum outcome.

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Equip differently


Seize the power to choose the equipment that gives you the best mix of efficiency, speed and torque.

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Collaborate differently


Take advantage of all our experience, expertise and innovation, and partner with the best supplier in the market that truly values your success.

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We listen – we fulfill

Your success is our goal. That’s why we’re 100% focused on developing, manufacturing and supplying the best AC drives in the market.

You benefit from our decades of experience, and the expertise of more than 4700 drives specialists. People who understand your industries completely, know the value AC drives bring to your applications and who have the highest levels of competence to create the best solutions.

Using our AC drives means you are not tied to a single technology or choice of component, such as motors, fieldbuses or PLCs. This allows you to optimize the performance and energy efficiency of your application and to minimize your costs by bringing together the components of your choice.

Listening to your needs and fulfilling your requirements is how we do it differently.

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