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Gostol-Gopan – original equipment manufacturer for industrial bakery solutions
Gostol-Gopan maximizes customer uptime

The project

Gostol-Gopan is an original equipment manufacturer delivering complete baking lines and individual bakery equipment to its customers all around the globe, for a wide range of baking processes: dough preparation, dough dividing, dough moulding, fermentation, bread baking and bread cooling. Energy efficiency is the key focus in line development. Its new generation of tunnel baking ovens, comprising types TPN, TPN_S and TPN_GP, is the result of this process.

The solution

The new-generation tunnel ovens are equipped with VLT® AutomationDrive FC302 conveyor and fan control. On the steel mesh conveyors, the drive regulates the speed of the conveyor, which determines baking time. The air circulation fans deliver forced air to the baking hearth which enables more intensive transmission of heat to the bread products, similarly to a fan in a domestic oven. The drives on these air circulation fans reduce fan speed by 20% which amounts to halving the energy consumption. All in all, the new tunnel ovens offer a reduction in CO2 footprint of 317,000 tonnes per annum, compared to an older traditional oven.

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We started to look for suitable equipment with certification for the US market. Among other companies, we also contacted the Danfoss sales office in Slovenia for the right configuration of frequency converters. And this is the real value of Danfoss. The recommendation was VLT® AutomationDrive FC 302. This is the same VLT® we have been working with for years. The only difference was the supply voltage: 3 x 208 VAC, 60 Hz. This saved us many working hours and a lot of effort – during design work, installation and start-up.

Srečko Lukan, Automation Department Manager, Gostol-Gopan

The result

Gostol-Gopan enjoys complexity reduction in its design work, installation and start-up since it can use the same drive, which it knows well, in tunnel ovens delivered all around the globe. Export logistics are also very straightforward, thanks to the global certifications of the VLT® AutomationDrive, which is approved for use in Europe, Russia and the USA with no extra compliance processes required. The new tunnel ovens halve energy consumption and reduce carbon footprint, which are valuable qualities for Gostol-Gopan's customers, making the ovens highly attractive and very competitive. And, last but not least, a key benefit Gostal-Gopan offers its customers is the reliability of 24/7 service support from Danfoss in more than 100 countries. Danfoss service support enables Gostol-Gopan to dramatically reduce the downtime and costs associated with service visits.


global support for fast service and minimal downtime

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