Equip differently

Choosing a Danfoss AC drive gives you the power to configure, modify and combine it with any motor type, PLC and fieldbus. This allows you to match the drive to your specific application and to ensure you get the best mix of efficiency, speed and torque.

We offer:

  • Compliance with the motor you need
  • Compliance with the fieldbus you need
  • Outstanding harmonic solutions expertise
  • Innovation in energy storage projects

Motor compliance

Danfoss AC drives provide optimum control of the motors you need. This gives you the ultimate freedom to connect your AC drive to your choice of motor, and the confidence that the system will perform to the highest possible standards. Our focus on research and development puts us in the best position to offer different solutions as new technologies emerge. Read more in the blog post below »

Fieldbus compliance

Real-time information is becoming increasingly important in industrial automation and control systems. Danfoss AC drives have an extremely wide variety of communication protocols to select from. Regardless of your application or your preferred communication protocol, our drives integrate seamlessly into your chosen system to give you the highest levels of transparency in your production facilities. Read more in the blog post below »

Harmonics expertise

AC drives are often installed in applications alongside other highly sensitive electronic equipment. Particular care is required to minimize potential electromagnetic interference. Danfoss offers a wide range of mitigation solutions, such as built-in or external, active or passive harmonic filters that can keep total harmonic distortion (THDi) below 5%; perfect for hospitals or installations requiring long cables. Read more in the blog post below »

Energy storage innovations

Energy storage is key to balancing supply and demand when multiple energy sources are integrated into power generation systems. Danfoss is widening the scope of energy storage and developing solutions that focus on the optimization of energy consumption. We offer products, engineering and testing solutions for energy storage in diverse hybridization applications; all helping to save costs and stabilize energy supply.
Read more about hybridization below »


Read how our customers benefit from equipping differently in the case stories below.

Case image

Hybrid ferries connect the city of Amsterdam nonstop

On Amsterdam’s IJ River, hybrid ferries are operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Powered by VACON® drives, they enjoy 24/7 uptime, smaller generator size, improved air quality, less noise and easy maneuverability.

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Case image

38% fuel savings and emission reductions

Using diesel-electric hybrid propulsion, with an integrated battery system on the DC link, enables CMAL’s new ferries to use 38% less fuel than conventional vessels.

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Case image

Powder mixing productivity triples
with wireless PROFINET

Dutch powder mix provider Huijbregts Groep installed VLT® AutomationDrives in their redesigned and highly automated mixing facility. This tripled productivity, improved quality 200% and ensured a safer work environment.

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Case image

Multi-biofuel district heating plant achieves 125% fuel utilization

As a dedicated AC-drive supplier, Danfoss software development is ongoing. Customizing the control algorithm in the drives in Hjørring District Heating to their SynRM motors enabled 125% fuel utilization performance.

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Four reasons why motor independence matters

The energy-efficiency discussion forces development of new motor technologies. Finding one that best fits your application is key. Our post discusses the benefits of choosing an AC drive that adapts to any motor technology.

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Fieldbus – exploiting the full potential of frequency converters

Many AC drives act only as speed controllers. Read our blog post to find out how, by using a fieldbus link, operators can access the drive’s intelligence and take advantage of useful functions and important system data.

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Drives vs. Noisy environments

Reducing harmonic distortion is important to improve efficiency, reduce downtime and save costs. Our blog post provides an introduction to available harmonic mitigation methods with particular reference to AC drives.

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What’s in it for you, when it comes to motor independence?

The energy-efficiency debate has stimulated motor innovation and drives technology.

Our in-depth article discusses the many different advantages of using a motor-independent AC drive together with your free choice of motor.

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Hybridization – Improve performance by making better use of energy

In the world of AC drives, hybridization can be summed up by introducing a means of energy storage into a system.

Read more to find out how this helps to reduce capital expenditure, operating costs and system downtime.

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Ecodesign Directive for Energy Related Products (ErP) 2009/125/EC

Energy-efficiency-related regulations and standards are gradually being intensified around the world. The Ecodesign Directive is the legislative framework that currently sets requirements on all energy-related products in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors throughout the European Union.

Danfoss ecoSmart is an online tool that makes it easy to calculate IE and IES classes according to the EN 50598-2 standard.

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