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Huijbregts Groep – Dutch powder mix provider
Powder mixing productivity triples with wireless PROFINET

The project

Powder mixing used to take place in manually loaded mixers, which involved moving the individual powders to the mixer and the finished, mixed, powders to a packaging area. Huijbregts Groep decided to embark on an extensive redesign and automation project.

The solution

Huijbregts Groep installed 96 VLT® AutomationDrives in their redesigned and highly automated mixing facility in Holland. The new design has 24 mobile mixers of 1500 kg maximum capacity running on a common power rail mounted on the factory ceiling. Every mixer has an IP66 7.5 kW VLT® AutomationDrive on board, each connected to a PLC through wireless PROFINET.

Positioning of each mixer is handled by the VLT® Smart Logic Controller as they are moved around on automatic wagons, also connected to a PLC via wireless PROFINET. The wagons are also powered from the common rail in the ceiling.

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Danfoss has made their promise come true, and the support is good.

JEKO Tech, (develops and implements industrial automation solutions)

The result

The new production process lasts 2–3 hours (1–2 hours faster than before). Since each powder is filled into the mixer automatically, the recipe is followed with greater accuracy and can be documented for quality management purposes. Due to the high degree of automation, capacity has tripled from 30 orders a day to around 100, and the entire production can be tracked and traced. The wireless Ethernet automation has made troubleshooting easier. The cleaning cycle is reduced from 8 hours to 40 minutes. There is less transportation on the factory floor, fewer accidents, less damage, and fewer employees are needed. In short, productivity has tripled, quality improved 200% and work has been made easier and safer for the employees.


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