Optimize differently

You have the freedom to optimize and create the system that suits your application best. Whether off the shelf or purpose built, we provide all the support and software necessary so that you can tailor your drive so that its form, fit and function are exactly how you need them to be throughout its entire lifecycle.

We offer:

  • The widest portfolio of AC drives
  • Fast, simple tools for customization
  • Programmable drives and special software
  • DrivePro® service and maintenance support

Wide portfolio

Danfoss Drives’ strong product portfolio covers virtually any drives need in the market and provides superior value for almost all applications and industrial segments. Our portfolio contains both VLT® and VACON® AC drives. They combine innovation and high durability for the sustainable industries of tomorrow, and position you at the forefront of the energy-efficiency race. If you are interested in learning more, download MyDrive® portfolio app or visit drives.danfoss.com. Read more in the blog post below »

Customized commissioning

Danfoss provides a range of quick and easy online/offline PC tools for fast configuration of your AC drives. Our drives also have easy-to-use start-up wizards as well as user-selectable parameter setting for your particular needs. Read more in the blog post below »

Tailored software

In today’s digital world, almost every single device is controlled and its functionality customized by software. Working together with Danfoss Drives, you can either identify your specific needs and we develop application software for you, or you can handle the application software development completely independently. Both are extremely beneficial for you as it allows you to customize the operation of the drives specifically for your own needs, rather than adapting your processes to suit the drive’s functionality. Read more in the blog post below »

DrivePro® life cycle services

Danfoss’ DrivePro® services go beyond simple troubleshooting, maintenance, repairs and replacements. Covering the whole life cycle of your AC drive, they proactively improve productivity, performance and uptime. Delivered by experts, our services are customized to your requirements, whenever and wherever you need them. They add value to your processes and business, deliver know-how, and keep you at the forefront by ensuring you have access to all the latest innovations in the form of upgrades or exchanges. Read more in the blog post below »


Read how our customers benefit from optimizing differently in the case stories below.

Case image

Peroni wins >30% in conveyor efficiency

Peroni Brewery optimized their operating costs when they upgraded their bottling line. Using a combination of VLT® AutomationDrive and VLT® OneGearDrive® delivered exceptional belt efficiency.

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Case image

Marselisborg generates 134% surplus power

By optimizing all its processes, Marselisborg wastewater treatment plant has achieved energy neutrality in its processes and now produces enough excess energy to run the entire water cycle in the local catchment area.

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Case image

The Crowne Plaza hotel in Copenhagen comes close to carbon neutrality

With electricity and water consumption 60% and 30% lower than 4800 comparable properties in the InterContinental Hotel Group, Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers collaborated closely with Danfoss to deploy the best technology.

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Case image

Coca-Cola FEMSA uses preventive maintenance to ensure optimum uptime

The bottling plant prevents unexpected issues arising by systematically ensuring the optimal condition of its drives and using DrivePro® life cycle services.

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A new take on energy efficiency

With energy consumption being reduced and unused energy conserved, energy efficiency can now be described as an energy source in itself. Our blog post discusses how system-level optimization helps ensure a stable supply.

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How can customers influence application software development

Application software in AC drives customizes the operation of drives to customer processes. It’s only natural that customers should have a role in the development and optimization of software.

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Application software development – the final chapter

Our blog post discusses the role of Application Software Developers, and the importance of recognizing how drive products can be incorporated, using software, into surrounding automation systems and the process itself.

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VLT® Motion Control Tool MCT 10… did you know?

VLT® Motion Control Tool MCT 10 is an interactive tool for quick and easy online/offline configuration of a drive or soft starter. Read this blog post to learn how it can help you control, configure and monitor your system.

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Uptime is critical – keeping your head cool?

DrivePro® services cover the whole product life cycle right from planning, through getting up and running, to the end of life and replacement. Read our blog post to find out how you can optimize uptime and minimize downtime.

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System philosophy in efficiency optimization

Read our article to find out how we encourage focus not only on optimizing component efficiency, but also on improving efficiency at the system level.

Taking a holistic approach also has as great a role to play in ensuring a sustainable energy supply in the future as converting from fossil fuel to renewable energy sources or expanding energy supply capacity.

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MyDrive® Portfolio app

Danfoss Drives’ strong product portfolio provides superior value to any installation. Use the MyDrive® Portfolio app to get an overview of the all the products and services offered by Danfoss Drives.

You can search for information on a particular product or industry. There are also links to cases, videos, brochures and manuals.

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