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Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers – Copenhagen's luxury business hotel
Innovative combination of ground water cooling and heat pumps

The project

The Copenhagen Towers hotel strives to attain sustainability without compromising on quality and visitor comfort. It has been designed from the ground up with sustainability in mind.

The solution

For energy consumption and CO2 emissions to be as low as possible, the hotel insisted on state-of-the-art energy technology throughout. One of its most significant features is an innovative ground water cooling system. This supplies the heating and cooling for 366 guest rooms, conference rooms, kitchen, restaurant and offices in an adjoining wing.

To optimize energy efficiency and cost effectiveness, the ground water heating and cooling system and the solar cells are equipped with AC drives, in the form of VLT® HVAC Drive, and Danfoss solar inverters. The two GEA Grenco heat pumps have a combined heat pump performance of 2,400 kW and are fitted with VLT® HVAC Drive FC 102 controlled screw compressors which enable the pumps to adjust the heat capacity continuously from low to full performance, with the same efficiency.

Copenhagen Towers is also equipped with 2,500 m2 specially adapted solar cell panels mounted on three of the hotel's four facades, where they provide part of the building's electricity requirements throughout the year.

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When you venture into new territories, such as we did, putting in the first ground-water-based cooling and heating system in Denmark, you can always be a little worried whether your partners will deliver. I have to say that working with Danfoss in this project has been a tremendous success. We have had very little challenges. The system has delivered precisely what it was calculated in theory to do providing in the region of 90% energy savings during the summer months and 60% during the winter which is really outstanding.

Allan Agerholm, Chief Hospitality Officer, BC Hospitality Group A/S
(owner and operator of Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers)

The result

The hotel's electricity and water consumption for 2015 were respectively 60% and 30% lower than comparable properties in the Crowne Plaza chain, internationally. The installation represents Denmark's first ground-water-based cooling and heating system and saves up to 90% of the hotel's air conditioning energy consumption.

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lower electricity consumption than comparable hotels run on conventional technology

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